Real Estate Law is one of the widest areas of law that regulates all kinds of the same right, especially property on real estates, disputes and violations on the right in rem, the transfer of these rights to others, the lease relationship and any disputes that may arise between the parties in this relationship. Our office provides follow up services for the identification and registration of ownership, consultation in case of violations and disputes, representation of court cases, usufructs such as patience and passage and the conversion of the right of mortgage to facility and the municipality, preparation and arrangement of the lease agreements, disputes arising from these contracts are given legal support.
The procedures to be followed in the process before and after construction of a building, rights to be established after completion of the construction and possible conflicts that may arise are parts of Building Law. Recognizing that the construction industry is gaining momentum in the near term, we are providing services such as obtaining construction permits and other permits, preparation of construction contracts for construction of floors, preparation and arrangement of contracts for construction services such as contracting, procurement and subcontracting, consultation for disputes arising from these contracts.